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We have high hopes for the children that we house and feed. Aside from the primary needs that their bodies and mind require like food, shelter, and water, children have to have other items and stuff to survive in the world. Although we have limited resources, we will do our best to provide everything and even more. These can include Amsterdam holidays and even trips to the Amsterdam zoo.


A child’s primary need must be satisfied before his other needs are aimed to be quenched. And one of the most essential gifts that we can give these children is a good quality education. Children should be taught of learning the academics, having the right attitude toward the world, and developing the skills and talents that are innate in all of them. We take it as our duty to give the children a formal education.

We have kids of different ages who yearn for learning. Who are we to withhold such a need for them? As much as possible, we get volunteer teachers who can devote a portion of their time in helping us teach the kids. We keep a certain number of hours for primary and secondary students.

Protection of Rights of Children

We are also fighters for the rights of children. We are the watchdog of the laws that are being enacted for the children. We are in constant talks with government officials, private companies, and public institutions to support us in our programs and create new policies that bolster the rights of children. These include increasing budgets for non-government organizations.

We will do our best to recommend amendments on existing laws which can help in the education of poor children not only here in the country but also around the world. We need to help each other and secure the future of children. It is up to us to make sure that every kid will have enough of everything that they need today and in the years to come.